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Mission Statement / FAQ

Mission Statement

The Backwoods Banshees’ team mission is to blaze new paths, grow the sport, break down barriers, help everyone on and off the field and grow as a family.

We endeavor to lead from the front, promoting the sport of scenario paintball to those inside and outside of the game by demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship, respect and cooperation while assisting players both young and old.

We are fully committed to safe and fair competition between paintball players specializing in the use of Electronic, Mechanical, Pump, MagFed and any other approved marker styles.


What does it take to become a Backwoods Banshee?

Full membership is a not a difficult process but it can be time consuming.  

If you request to join our team, you will be required to play (2) separate events alongside our teammates for us to gauge your skill level, sportsmanship, temperament and play styles.  At this time you will be considered a “Pledge Member”. 

Once the required games have been fulfilled, the team will vote as a whole for Full Membership status.  A two-thirds majority of the team voting in the affirmative is required for Full Membership.  The Captain and Co-Captain will break any tie votes, and also may exercise a Veto of membership application if necessary evidence is supplied that the Pledge Member would adversely affect the team.  Any member is welcome to appeal to either Captain and plead the case of the Pledge Member. 

What is required to keep me on the team?

We require no dues at this time and maintaining your membership simply requires you to attend (2) scenario games per year.  These must be advertised games of substance (not your buddy’s back woods!) and you are completely free to choose whichever games fit your play style and budget. 

We would ideally like to have a good showing of teammates at the event but understand that cannot always be the case. 

What gear and equipment do I need to have?

We do not require any specialty brand(s) of gear to be part of the team.  If you are in need of gear we have many helpful team members that will find, loan or give whatever is needed for you to join us on the field.  We would rather have you out playing with us than scrambling to find what is needed to play.  This is not a guarantee of free gear and equipment however.

We do have several team sponsors and an excellent home field that works with our team to provide the best rates possible on markers, masks and equipment.   These sponsors do not require that we use their brand exclusively so the options on gear are endless.  We recommend that over time the team member provide their own marker and mask when finances allow.  A team jersey will be ordered after Full Membership status is approved and the member will be required to pay for their own jersey.  This cost typically ranges between $75 and $80. 

How should I play on the field?

Each and every member has a unique style of play and we do not discriminate against any form.  We do ask that you work together as a team and support fellow teammates.  We have a variety of play styles within the team already, ranging from assault, recon, sniping, support, etc.  Play the style that you feel most comfortable with.

Brawling, fighting, excessive taunting, and disproportionate profanity WILL NOT be tolerated on or off the field.  If the player cannot abide by these rules there will be consequences including but not limited to ejection from the team.  We realize this is an adrenaline sport and tempers do flare up, but just remember it’s a game where all sides must have fun and support one other. 

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