Pew Pew!...

About the Team

Backwoods Banshees began as a group of friends and family that wanted to play local woods ball and attend Michigan scenario games together. Since then we have grown in numbers and have started attending games in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois as well. This year we have even started organizing a division of the team that also wants to play speed ball in addition to different scenario games that come up during the year. The biggest factor we look for in new members is a love of the game, and a respect for the rules of the sport to keep our team and others safe on the field.

All of us on the team strive to continue to branch out and play at bigger venues as a cohesive team while at the same time working with fellow teams to get missions and goals accomplished. You can find us on the field leading a charge as well as giving advice or proving personnel support to other players that get bunkered down. We enjoy getting  awards as much as the next team but we want to be a benefit to the sport of paintball even more and make sure that everyone has a great time on the field. We hope to see you out there on the field!


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